Treadmill searching?

I recently received an email from a woman who came across my website and stated she works for a consumers advocate company which helps consumers make informed decisions when making purchases. They recently did a study on treadmills, spending one month researching and analyzing the differences between entry level and high- end treadmills. Through their research they have came up with a list of top picks for durability, best for gym quality, and best for affordability.

At first I was skeptical about the legitimacy of the email due to the abundance of scams out there. However, her sincerity and kind nature through her emails made me feel that this was a legit organization. So I checked out her link to treadmill research and I must say it was very insightful and informative!

I was an avid runner for many years, running 8 miles daily. However, over the past few years I have decreased my daily mileage tremendously. I have found that as approach my 50's I benefit more from an interval training program which utilizes weight training and higher intensity rounds, rather than an long aerobic adventure such as running. I found this type of training beneficial because as we age we lose muscle mass yearly, which in turn causes a decrease in metabolism and muscle definition (tone).

One type of interval training I love is walking on an intense incline, in which it was a dream of mine to one day purchase a incline trainer. I am very ecstatic to say that because I checked out her consumers advocate page on treadmills I learned about the most affordable and recommended incline trainer through runners (consumers) experiences with the treadmills. I was educated about the treadmills and because of that felt more comfortable with taking the next step my dream treadmill without fear of picking the wrong one. I then contacted the company and got an amazing deal on a treadmill!

Thanks Consumers Advocate! If you want to check out their treadmill recommendations click on the link below!

Good Luck!